Welcome to Funmilayo Ige Baderinwa School
Known for Moral & Academic Excellence
Known for Moral & Academic Excellence
Known for Moral & Academic Excellence

Fully Stocked Library For Students Access

Fully Stocked Laboratory


At FIB School, our environment is specially designed to stimulate physical, intellectual and moral growth of our students. We have decent and well ventilated classrooms.


In accordance with the Federal Government’s Policy on National Education, the school provides a wide variety of subjects geared towards the holistic development of our pupils.


In FIB Schools, health and well being of our students are taken quite seriously. So, we have provided an in-house recovery room to take care of minor ailments.

Welcome to FIB School

This is a welcome address from the desk of Principal

I bid you a warm welcome to Funmilayo Ige Baderinwa School’s (FIBSchool) official website.

We’re a school of great integrity that believes in teaching morals and sound academic structure to the standard of meeting today’s intellectual requirement as for nowadays, children are trained to be leaders of tomorrow.

Please feel free to navigate through all our pages inscribed on this website and do not hesitate to get in touch with us through any of our various contact channels in case you have an urgent inquiries or suggestion that might be of benefit to the school.

Thanks for checking on us.

## Principal.

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Working Hours

Mon - Wed

7:00 am - 1:30 pm

* Children are often free for lunch 12.00 to 12.30


7:00 am - 1:30 pm

* Children are often free for lunch 12.00 to 12.30


7:00 am - 1:30 pm

* Children are often free for lunch 12.00 to 12.30


Pupil Info

We implore all prospectus to get to the school premises for their respective test and examination as scheduled by the school admission board. The result will determine your studentship upon screening and you will be contacted.

Parent Info

Dear Parents, we are now welcoming applications for admission.  Click bellow to read further on our registration processes, requirement and how to obtain form for both Junior and Senior Secondary  School.

Our Facilities

The Library is well stocked and laid out for reading and research purposes. It also acquires, organizes, preserves and makes available a large volume of informative materials to students and staff while maintaining a growing collection of books in diverse areas of study.

The ICT room is equipped with modern computer units with LCD monitors, which are networked. The curriculum is practical-oriented and skills based. Internet access is available with filters. ICT is also integrated in the teaching of other subjects and the use of multimedia is encouraged.

The use of ICT is integrated into teaching which enables various learners to be carried along in the teaching process. Students engage in projects that enhance reasoning and thinking skills.

Laboratory work is an area of great importance in all aspects of Natural Sciences. To this end, our science laboratory is a block on its own consisting of Biology, Chemistry, Basic Technology and Physics laboratories. Each laboratory is well stocked with different science equipment and chemicals, reagents, and relevant charts that facilitate learning.

Experiments are conducted regularly both within regular lesson periods and on weekends. For instance the Biology laboratory has real skeletons of various animals and artificial human skeletons and charts.

The Physics laboratory has numerous instructional resources to aid practical teaching in the complex areas of electricity, heat, light, mechanics etc. The Chemistry laboratory has the fume cupboard, atomic models, boilers, charts, water bath, Kipp’s apparatus and various volumetric and qualitative analysis apparatus.

In FIB School, Arts and creativity are given their pride of place. We have a standard and well stocked studio and seasoned teachers. The Art Club’s “Creative Fingers” activities within and outside the school premises go a long way in assisting the students to master the subject and help them to develop the sense of creativity.

Students undertake visits to cultural and art based centers, as well as participating in National inter-schools Arts competitions. They have opportunity to learn various aspects of crafts such as weaving, carving, moulding and designs. Students that are art inclined are given the opportunity to display their visual and imaginative talents during school events and on the Mirror Wall, a wall for free expression of talent.

The Summer Splash, which gives the students the opportunity to express themselves, is also a practical oriented programme which has impacted positively on the creativity and craftsmanship of the participating students

The school clinic is well equipped with modern medical equipment and with essential drugs. It has qualified nurses and Matrons aside a visiting Doctor who comes twice a week to review cases and for Consultation. There are separate wards for boys and girls.

Students with minor ailments are treated and those with severe illness are referred to an adopted hospital close to the school. Usually, in this instance, the parent of such a student is contacted within 12 hours. Generally, the students hardly fall sick since we take many steps to ensure safe and healthy living.

Music is considered very important in the school. Every child, upon admission, is expected to come in with a musical instrument of his or her choice. This is to enable the child acquire the skill needed in the handling of the instrument before graduation in Year 12.

The school’s Choir and the Orchestra band have their days of rehearsals. There are also specific hours for practice of the use of the different musical instruments.

The school considers the physical fitness of the students as very important. We have ultra modern sports facilities to cater for diverse talents in order to develop the physical, mental, social and emotional well being of the child.

Some of the facilities include:  A standard football pitch with a blend of perennial rye grass, that makes play surface more attractive and cushions falls during rough and tumble. There are also other indoor games facilities such as: • Badminton court • Table Tennis Hall • Giant Outdoor Chess Board

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